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What happens when you take five guys from different bands who have each been playing for over 30 years, put them in a room and ask "so what songs do you know"?
Answer: Simply. Amazing. Classic. Rock.

"It was like magic. Everyone knew their chops and it was all music we grew up with. From the opening chord of 'Separate Ways', it was obvious these guys were made to perform together. It was simply 'The Best of the Best'!"

All Betz On! focuses on classic rock from the 70's and 80's. The music they all grew up with. Music that's second nature to all of us, but songs you just don't hear live. Those songs that make you want to put the top down & turn the volume all the way up on a hot summer night, played the way we remember hearing it. But don't be fooled: All Betz On! can crank out modern rock with the best, delivering a well rounded offering of music that spans the last four decades.

Featuring highly sought-after members of former bands Tightrope, Dillinger, Sassy, Crossfire and Pandora, All Betz On! has proven to be the go-to act for simply amazing classic rock and has taken Rock & Roll by storm!


With over 40 years experience as a lead vocalist, keyboardist and drummer, Jeff Betz has built a stellar reputation not only as a go-to musician, but that of one of the top male singers in Michigan with a multi-octave range that is second to none. His four decades of experience as an entertainer are apparent the moment he hits the stage.

Jeff's resume includes tenure in notable Michigan acts that include Ocean, Ruben Red, The Jocks, The Hooter Brothers, Dillinger, Sneaker, Genetics, Dark Horse and The Mojo Doyle Band.


A rocker for most of his adult life, Gary St. John has over 40 years of musical experience. Born in Toledo, Ohio, Gary lived most of his life in the Stryker, Ohio area where he was influenced early on by bands such as Led Zeppelin and Queen.

A mesmerizing guitarist, Gary initially started on Bass, but later migrated his talents to Lead Guitar, making him a unique player who truly understands “The Pocket”, allowing him to soar when playing live. Gary is a perfectionist in his craft and is always looking for that one great “School of Rock” performance where everything clicks between the band and the audience for the perfect show!

Now a resident of Naples, Florida Gary has performed in venues all over the midwest United States as well as on television. Notable acts Gary has supported in the past include the Mojo Doyle Band, Timeframe and Crossfire, however his most memorable musical moment was when he had the honor to perform at a charity event for a young lady who had accidently been paralyzed.


Dale Beagle has been performing longer than he can remember. One of the most respected and sought after keyboard players in southeast Michigan, Dale recalls filling in for his church organist when he was only 13 years old.

A native of Adrian, Michigan, Dale was influenced by and continues to enjoy playing Funk and what is now considered Classic Rock & Roll. Over the years, he learned and continues to play Sax, Clarinet and Bass, but simply excels when placed in front of the keys.

Dale has performed throughout the Midwest in venues such as the DTE Music Theatre, Detroit’s Fox Theatre, Cousino’s and the Valentine Theatre with major acts such as Derrick St. Holmes, Billy Dean, Crystal Gayle and The Temptations just to name a few.


Mike whet his appetite for performing live music in Northwest Ohio where he played both Classic Rock and Country music with notable groups Dusty Rhodes, Pandora and Sneaky Pete as well as other bands throughout Toledo, Bowling Green and Fremont Ohio. More recently, Mike has been a major force in local Southeast Michigan bands Spur9, Knight Crew and King Fish.

A former music major, Mike's roots lie deep in Jazz and Classical music, but he enjoys listening to and playing all generes. Mike is a true rocker at heart as early on, his playing style was influenced by Geddy Lee, Chris Squier, Nathan East and Leland Skylar. One of Mike's memorable moments was when he had the opportunity to perform on stage with legendary Jazz great Maynard Ferguson.

Proficient on 4, 5, 6 and 8-String Basses, Mike play's Fender, Rickenbacker and Steinberger Bass Guitars while his thunder and low-end punch is produced via Crown Amps & Ampeg Cabinets. With a wide vocal range, Mike's high-end harmonies and deep bass vocals are just a part of what makes All Betz On's sound unique. For more info visit Mike's web site at:


A native of Adrian, MI, Dale was influenced early on by the sounds of Motown, Rock & Roll, Funk and Blues and first picked up the sticks at an early age. A true virtuoso, Dale originally started playing by ear, but eventually began taking lessons to learn to read and write music, allowing him to further hone his skills in his chosen craft.

Later, Dale began to teach Drums and Percussion and has authored two books: Power Pack for the Rock & Roll Drummer and Funk Sambas. Dale continues to instruct upcoming artists in an effort to give back to the craft. As a recording artist, he additionally plays both guitar and bass to round out his skills.

Dale is a consummate musician, able to lay down the groove and sit squarely in the pocket while belting out a mean vocal line. He has played and toured with many Rock, Country, Funk and Blues bands including Head First, Straight Up, Tight Rope, Ouch and King Fish, however his best memories come from playing packed house performances right in his home town.

A movie and exercise buff, Dale is a dedicated family man who now makes his home in Brooklyn, Michigan.